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The book of Revelation brings the revelation of Jesus Christ, but for centuries this subject has been a hidden mystery for many Christians. What they do not know is that the words contained there not only point to the events that will conclude this era, but also prepare the children of God for the most anticipated event of all time: the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though we live in a dark night, in a time of dense darkness, chaos and social disorientation, a light has shone in these last days through the prophetic word.


The content of this book shows, based on what happened in the first centuries of church history, what can harm the church's shine as the lampstand. Through the stories, warnings, examples and teachings presented here, you will be awakened to what really matters in the end times: preparing for the secret coming of the Lord.



BOOK SET- He who has an ear, LET HIM HEAR!

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