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Is a nonprofit  501c3, missionary school that not only trains youth with the Word of God but also with REAL experiences by applying the Word to their living.  GPC helps youth to live by faith and actively preach the gospel with BOLDNESS.


In these end times, the Lord is calling His servants of the last hour, those who are simple and obedient to His prophetic speaking, and being unanimous with all His tools.


We are a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization. GPC is a tool where we can be perfected to reverently love the word of God and put it into practice.  Our focus is preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and forming colporteurs.

The Gospel Perfecting 

Forming Leaders and Colporteurs


Every morning we have a unique moment of individual consecration.  Every missionary has the opportunity to empty themselves and dedicate time just to call on the name of the Lord, pray, sing praise  and war cries, and start the day consecrating themselves to Him.


Every day at GPC we immerse ourselves in the word, through  reading  the Daily Food  and Bible. As well as transcribing the word and reading supporting books, which strengthen the Lord's current task: forming an army that reverently loves the prophetic word.


GPC’s focus is not just staying within the four walls but saving people on the streets, rescuing them from darkness to light through "May I pray for you?", leading them to call on the name of the Lord, sowing the word of the kingdom through books, and introducing them into the Network of Care.


GPC as a tool for the work and base has received the churches to perfect the brothers and sisters in practicing the prophetic word. It has also gone to the churches to interlace with the brothers and sisters in love.

Do not miss this opportunity! Come and have this experience and see how the Lord has transformed the lives of everyone who has dedicated themselves to this mission.

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