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pedro dong

Born 1950 in Taipei, Taiwan, China. He arrived in Brazil in 1960 when his father Dong Yu Lan (a successful businessman in China) had a call from God to migrate to Brazil with his whole family because of the gospel.


He studied and graduated with a PhD in civil engineering from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo in 1974. He started working in 1974 at a consulting and project company called Promon Engenharia S.A., until God called him to dedicate himself full- time in 1987.


He served in the Lord's work as a co-worker and translator for his father Dong Yu Lan, gave numerous conferences as a translator and lecturer, taking care of the churches by caring for the human and spiritual needs of their members. With the death of his father in September 2017, he assumed the primary responsibility for the ministry of Spirit and Life. Which was initiated by Dong Yu Lan, following the preaching of the gospel and the building of the church, in order to introduce the kingdom of God on earth.


As a writer, he has written several books based on the messages given by Dong Yu Lan, and often with a related additional revelation that reinforces the original burden.

He is the director of the Tree of Life Publishing House, which has published hundreds of titles to provide life for the building up of the Body of Christ, with a view to introducing the kingdom of God on earth.

He is the founder of the Life for All Institute created in 2014 as an instrument in God's hand for the spreading of the gospel of the kingdom and the building of the church.

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Through the prophetic word, God wants to RENEW,  REVIVE, BEAR FRUIT  and CONSOLIDATE families in the United States.


Contact us through the numbers of each city and participate in this great feast!

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