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Title 1 - Daily Food from the series: Word, life and edification II

volume 1: Are you willing to change your life?


When we are exposed by the light, what is our reaction? We can react positively and recognize our fallen condition, repent, change our lives and remain in the light of the Lord, under restriction. Or we can choose to run away from the light, so as not to be bothered or disturbed by it. If we remain in the light, being restrained in our souls, our conduct will change. Yet many are unwilling to change their lives. That's why the Lord says: “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me...”.


Title 2 - Book: He who has an ear, Let Him Hear!

volume 1: Lessons from Ephesus and Smyrna


The content of this book shows, based on what happened in the first centuries of church history, what can damage the church's shine as a lampstand. Through the stories, warnings, examples and teachings presented here, you will be awakened to what really matters in the end times: preparing for the secret coming of the Lord.

BOOK SET Are You Willing to Change your life? / Let Him Hear-Ephesus and Smyrna

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