The aim of the community service is to support and help the people of the neighborhood in their spiritual, cultural and social needs, by providing a space for lectures, workshops and events.

How to achieve the goal?

Volunteering and providing activities that will benefit the community and meet their needs. Such as language lessons, guitar classes, tutoring, cooking lesson, etc. (Based on the ability of volunteers)

Organizing workshops and Bible studies with current and relevant issues (anxiety, marriage, parents and children, young people, quality of life, etc.), using the books available in the nearest Bookafé.  

Coordinating social activities such as visits to hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, orphanages, recovery homes, relief to victims of natural disasters, food distribution to the homeless, etc.

Expressing Jesus by helping our neighbor while  providing an environment, which is the church life, for those who wish to grow and mature spiritually, in order to be prepared to reign with the Lord in the world to come (Hebrews 2:5-8).

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