A place of prayer!

While drinking a cup of coffee and having fellowship with the brethren in a cafeteria in Lima, Peru in 2009, brother Dong Yu Lan began observing  the people around him. Everyone looked comfortable, happy and were enjoying good conversations.

He left that place having a strong feeling from the Lord, that a coffee shop and bookstore would be an excellent tool  to reach people and supply them with the Gospel through Christian literature. So he prayed asking what direction he should take.  In the same year, the Lord gave us our first Bookafé in Brazil.

This name is composed of the english word Book with the  a fé (to faith in Portuguese), which can be understood as Books that lead to Faith.

This great success was due in part to the simple attitudes that Brother Dong took - he sought to transform his vision into practice, creating the possibility of anyone, independent of religion or beliefs to enter in a Bookafé and have access to Christian literature, thus becoming an important tool for reaching people.

Praise the Lord! In 2012 the story of this tool began in the United States.

Today, we have Bookafés in more than five states in this country. Having the characteristics of a bookstore, a space for events, workshops ,church meetings, a place of prayer and welcoming environment for the communities , this wonderful tool has been reaching many people with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Bookafé is a nonprofit organization where  many missionaries are serving with a willing heart to spread the Word and bring more people to God’s Kingdom.

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